Zimbabwe Crisis

Hey Folks, it sounds weird to keep talking about strange things in my continent .All the time some people are kind of cranky up about the power; I’m pondering about the fact civilians have always to cut down the Oak in order to flip the situation. why our presidents believe in ending their course of power by updating throughout their progenitors or seize the power until their death.

In spite of the respect of the laws, the democracy; which  determine rules that the president must follow and enforce. I can’t imagine after many years we’ve slopped all the dictators from the powers, yet  time has come to Our brothers and sisters to speak out, to stand up for their right to get the commander in chief of Harare out of the office. Do we really need to impeach him in case he doesn’t resign ?well I doubt whether the military did not surrender to get the job done. As matter of fact, the don’t want that their action sounds like ” a coup d’Etat”;however, they do have the back of the people who have already celebrated their seize of the power. I don’t know what is occurring among them, but the people are clear with their statement”no more 37 second in the office” after 37 years in the office.Mugabe-must-go

Obviously, the 93 years doesn’t want to resign for presidency. Although, he did not have no more the support of his own political party which he co-founded, so my concern is now what is he waiting for? why does he want to keep stick on his position despite of the sting on the tail? Is their a black hand behind this? Look guys ,until now we haven’t heard nothing from the community international, from the united states, and  from theUnited kingdom. To me it seems like the 93 years should have a deal with these people so that he could compromise the current crisis for his worth. But, you know what, that is a shit; do we need to receive orders from these selfish people to get rid of this crocodile. Enough is enough.!!!!!!!!robert-mugabe

I’m not jotting down to express the feeling of the poor people who struggle to find the daily braid. The time of dynasty is over, we want to move forward for a change, for democracy. Ever since the military feel like they’re hitting their head to the wall, frankly speaking, that will make people hopeless and desperate about the change which they have been waiting for a long time. the people urge the army to get that appreciated job done within 72 hours. It is time to the Promise land to end any presidency more the three terms.


12-About my blog

I am please to tell you about my blog,which is about community.I really like to dispute about community’s issues such as equality,sexism,sustainability ,and politics.However,in this semester my writing was diverse regarding to my blog theme.As matter of fact I’ll keep working on it as soon as possible to focus on my blog theme.community

I have been so astonished to be able to vindicate some people in terms of ideology.Well it is fact that my blog need some improvement,but I am  grateful having been part of this wonderful course.I believe that this website could provide me a lot of experience about blogging style.having this course has been a step forward to thousand of doors around the word even though my English is not perfect.o-CREATIVE-facebook

What I’ve learned from this course is tremendous.Unlike other courses,this course makes me more imaginative.In other word it’s made me super creative,and I like creativity about life.Besides,to me this course must be remained in order to establish a community of student that is substantial for culture diversity.

I genuinely wish to keep working on my page to boost the performance.that requires a lot things,and actually I am kind of busy. Nevertheless,it is just a beginning of long project,which is going to involve all the the necessary tools such as time and money.If you want my honest opinion,I quintessentially love blogging,and I wish to be one of the best bloggers around the world.



For so many years,people always think about the establishment of a convenient society.what do they mean convenient society? Well, when it comes to society,we sustain three things:folks,economic and environment.therefore,in order to build a good relationship among those factors we need to devote ourselves for sustainability.

However,sustainability requires the involvement of many people including student and activist.I believe that the purpose of what we’ve learned in class is to serve our community.improving the better life for everyone is necessary for everyone so that we could all feel equal in the society.

I did have an opportunity to  interview  a graduate student from biochemical engineering.His name is Scott,and he is 25 years old;he said that sustainability was not only to remain the diversity of ecology in order to provide live-long and health but also to establish equality among the society. Additionally, he also believe that healthy ecosystems and environment are significant to the survival of human being and other organism.Circles_of_Sustainability_image_(assessment_-_Melbourne_2011)

Moreover,ways of living could more sustainable take many forms from reorganizing living condition,economic sector,and using science to develop new technology.therefore,sustainability has become an international issue that humanity is actually facing.Because of lifestyle that people genuinely carry out,sustainability is now a social challenge for all the community.

Finally,sustainability’ should be considered as humanity’s target goal about -ecosystem economic and society.Despite the increased popularity of the use of the term “sustainability”, the possibility that human societies whether will achieve environmental sustainability or not has been spontaneously questioned


In spite of other kind of images,cartoon is rational to explain the creativity of human being.knowing that some people believe that cartoon is a sort of sabotage in terms of charactericstics of the drawing.however,I genuinely sustain the idea of being able to point out a fact or a deficiency from wich people are skeptical.I am going to introduce you a contentious topic,which is ambiguous about oncoming political issues in paris.can you guess about those peole represented here?Petar Pismestrovic - Kleine Zeitung, Austria - All against one - English - France, Elections, President, Macron, Le Pen, Fillon, Melenchon, Hamon, EU

I’ve chosen this cartoon for two main reasons.First of all,it illustrate the current political system in France.this cartoon is characterized by french emblematical top leader who are runing for the presidency.Another reason is also due to the fact that cartoon demonstrates people ablity to make up thinks.In Other word the capacity to relate cartoon to the realiy,and you could even figure out through this cartoon who is more influent.

Well actually French presidential election tends to become a controversy in which woman speak out.Furthermore,cartoon is a way to make a big issue issue litterally less complex,I could even say funny.Even though sometimes people use cartoon to scrutinize,it is still a fancy manner to point out a horrible situation without hurting anyone.If you really want my honest opinion ,I would say I love cartoon.

9-Three things that make me happy

I am absolutely grateful when it comes to happiness.All of those things that are my interest in my community  make me happy.however there are three approaches that are more specials for me: culture fest,running,and social service.

First:culture fest,I feel enthusiastic when the whole community gathered together to celebrate a party.Every single time I participate to a kind of event I always find myself surrounding by my fellow.we discuss the different issues in our community so that we could address them . Additionally, it is also an opportunity to make new friends,even to meet your love one.Honestly,that even  for me is a huge moment in my community.It allows people to be relax and get more energy to face the different challenges of life.Résultats de recherche d'images pour « guinea conakry culture fest »

secondly: Running,it is a competition in which many boys and girls participate in my community.I feel overwhelmed to find out that there are several talented in my community.Frankly they’re all amazing,you couldn’t believe it until you get the audience,but it comes sometimes with some drawbacks in terms of safety.I love to see brave young boys and girls competing each other to become champion;I even used to convince my parent so that I could be there first.Résultats de recherche d'images pour « guinea conakry running »

Lastly;social service,to me one of the most convenient thing that make me happy is to serve  my community.I really devote myself under no circumstances to promote the value of living in community. Eventually serving or in other word helping your society demonstrate  an act of either activist or philanthropist;therefore I definitely feel great when I give a hand to someone in need.Indeed ,fighting for the sustainability in order to make everyone feel considered in the society is significant.thus,my energy,my courage,my compassion all lead me to an equality community.so whether we’re wealthier or not,but I feel happy.

8-Recommend blog

Hey everybody,my name is Mamadi,I am 25 years old,and I am from Guinea(west Africa).I am actually studying English in United states so that I could go to college in order to achieve my goal.I would like to recommend to check on this blog posted by sandy for some reasons.

First of all,it seems surprising to carry out that the current president of united states collaborate with black people.in fact,most people believe that Trump is racist.But this post demonstrate the opposite of their belief,all of these pictures provide the clarity and assurance that trump is not only president for white people,but also for all American.Résultats de recherche d'images pour « trump meets congressional black caucus »

More importantly ,the writer mention also that the president is willing to  keep his words that he pledged during the campaign.Believe it or not those picture right here are illustrative Résultats de recherche d'images pour « trump meets congressional black caucus »

However,there is something in which I am  skeptical;the fact that the writer hasn’t been accurate about the president’s vision for American-African.in addition,he should have pointed out both sides rather than be biased.He just wanna convince people that the president admire black people;not to explain how that might affect the majority of  congressional caucus.

For those who are interested in could check on the link right here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uN58VLyc0k

7-Music review

b2        For a long time ago,I’ve never felt this kind of feelings in my life when I first listened to this song titled ”HALO”  from the American singer Beyonce . It is an amazing song ,which reminds me one of my favorite song from my country.To me she is talented and she has an expressive voice that lure people.however,the introduction is too slow so that people could comprehend the content of the song.

The lyric is warm,cheerful and impressive.if I could give a rate to this song out of 8;I would rate 7/8,but more importantly the performance of the singer in this song is incredibly exceptional.Moreover,the structure of the this song from the prelude to the end is rich in terms of composition of words.In fact,the song remains one of the top hit in 2012.For those who wish to listen this song or watch the video;there is a link here  here http://smarturl.it/BeyonceSpot?IQid=BeyHaloLL

well I think that the meaning of this song is more interesting than the  melody . It is definitely obvious that the song is not only melodious,but also tuneful.knowing the talent of the singer,so most people focus on the concept that she’s received an unknown gift.But the truth is she got talent and  expressions,which make her extremely distinctive.